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Scraper-board Experience

Price: $300 for 1 or 2 people

Includes: overnight accommodation 

Continental breakfast provisions

Does not include art materials


Have a fun, relax while being shown how to make a black and white image come to life by experiencing the fine art of scraperboard etching.​


Scraperboards are cardboard boards coated with a fine white china clay and coated with an opaque black ink.

Dramatic black and white images can be created by scraping back through the black ink coating to expose the white clay surface underneath. This surface can then be painted with water colour or gouache, or left white as per individual choice. It is a safe, clean and non-toxic medium which can be worked on anywhere.


Three hour workshop

Material Costs - One A4 board Approx $15 

Tools -- provided for the workshop

Duration – 3 hours

Time - 9 - 12 am or 1 - 4 pm

 (morning tea provided, however lunch is not included so please bring something with you or purchase from the Goolwa Bakery)

1. Introduction to scraper-board. Practice the different marks that can be made with different tools. I will provide a selection of different things that can be used to create marks and let you practice with them. It is important for you to develop your own style and practicing on something small like a flower or leaf is the best way to do this.

2.  Depending on the size of your piece you will not finish your work today so you will be able to purchase the etching tool if you wish to continue with your design at your own leisure in your own home. If you run into difficulties I will be available via phone calls to help.



Scarperboard Cat
Monarch butterfly scraperboard
Emu scraperboard
Scraperboard etching of an old row boat.
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