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Jewellery Studio Experience 

Price: From $300* for 1 or 2 people

Includes: overnight accommodation

Continental breakfast provisions

*Does not include art materials*

Spend 2 hours in the jewellery studio with qualified artists creating your own pendant in the unique cuttlebone casting method
This fully guided studio experience is suitable for anyone who would like to experience what it is like to be a jeweller 

Studio Hours


  • Between 10.00 am to 3.00 pm

  • Champagne/wine/tea/coffee/nibbles


Booking Information


Payment terms

Payment is required in advance via online bank transfer/or you can pay cash on arrival

Materials – The tutors will provide you with Sterling Silver findings (fixings) to work with and payment will be required on the day for the silver you use - This cost is not included in the course fee because we don't know how much silver you will use.


Tools – The tutors will lend you tools from their studio.


Day timetable - 10 - 12 am or 1 - 3 pm


What to bring - It's a good idea to bring an apron or wear old clothes and wear flat covered shoes if possible. If you wear reading glasses you should bring them.

Cuttlebone casting process

Tutor pouring molten silver into cuttlebone mold
Opening the cuttlebone mold
Open cuttlebone mold and pendant lying on table
Happy guest with her pendant

Share a special and personal creative jewellery studio experience with your partner, or a friend, and have fun making your own sterling silver pendant by using the primitive cuttlebone casting method. 


What you will do

  • Prepare a cuttlebone mould for casting – get the surface of two cuttlebones ready for design

  • Designing – Size of cuttlefish will determine pendant size – do some drawings

  • Carving the cuttlebone with sharp tools - use the tutor’s personal tools to carve a design in the cuttlebone

  • Pressing an object into the cuttlebone – press a ring or other object into the cuttlebone

  • Securing both halves of cuttlebone ready for molten metal – Learn how to secure the cuttlebone so no molten metal escapes when poured

Melting and pouring of the molten metal will be done by the tutor


If time allows you may experience some of the following procedures:

  • Cleaning the cast metal – Use a jeweller’s saw to cut off the sprue

  • Soldering – Use a jewellery torch to solder on a bail or jump-ring

  • At the end of your workshop enjoy what Goolwa has to offer or just relax in the B&B while we polish your items and get them ready for collection later that day or the next morning.

Cuttle bone cast sterling silver leaf pendant
Cuttlebone cast sterling silver pendants
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