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Woolaway Studios Creative Experiences

As practicing artists, both with a B.A. in Visual Art, David & Mary love being be able to use the skills they have studied, and worked years for. They love seeing the joy, amazement and satisfaction on people’s faces when they teach them how to make things for themselves, whether that is a jewellery piece, a ceramic bowl or how to use their camera and take a fantastic photo.

The following are our main studios:

  • Jewellery Studio - cuttlebone casting

  • Ceramics/pottery Studio - Hand-building/sculpture

  • Photography Studio - how to use a DSLR camera

Besides running creative Studio workshops for guests staying with us, we are also offering workshops to people in the local community. Information about these workshops can be found on our other website:

David and Mary's creative works are stocked and represented by Artworx in Goolwa, Gallery M in Marion, along with other selected galleries in South Australia. Please feel free to follow the links to see where the galleries are.

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